Musings in Cinema4D & Flam3

A collection of renderings, created in Maxon's amazing Cinema4d. I like to give the guys at Greyscale Gorilla a big heads up for their tutorials, help and guidance. Other Apps used include Arnold Render, turbulenceFD and X-Particles.

Alongside the 3d renders are a collection of fractal flame renders created in Chaotica, JWildfire and Apophysis with inspiration and genomes from Electric Sheep.


LOOKINWOOD is about the shape of nature and the nature of trees. The pieces Paul makes are all “one off”, made from wood either given to him, or gleaned from the local area.
No trees are purposefully cut down for the making of any of the sculptures shown here, the materials come mainly from discarded wood, or broken branches laying on the woodland floor. Most of the wood I leave to nature to take its course.
Wood supports a vast variety of wildlife as it returns itself to the earth. I feel it is a great privilege to work with the wood in the way I do, to show the amazing shapes and patterns wood forms as it grows.

Alan Card's ART

A lot of the time I don’t have a conscious intention when I begin a picture, something might have touched me earlier and somehow it starts to poke its way through as I draw; just starting with shapes and colours that seem to evolve into recognisable images. (Like Tony Hancock in the ‘The Rebel’, I’m keen that the ‘shapes fit the colours‘!)
Although I was offered places at a number of art schools, I didn’t go!
Like the High Priestess in the Tarot, women have come and gone as my life has evolved. Glamour models, as well as some highly educated and intuitive women, have etched out their understanding of reality on my being,their ebb and flow marking out my high tides materially, emotionally and spiritually.
So it seems obvious to me to worship the Goddess as much as a God.